Who we are

I founded the Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana in 1995 to offer hands- on laboratory courses aimed at teaching all of the most important techniques related to the goldsmith’s work. I am passionate about this art which I initially cultivated as a hobby and years ago decided to make my profession by founding my School. I started with two teachers, three courses and a handful of students. Now we have two schools in Milan, one located in Via Tadino, managed by myself and the other in Via Savona, run by my brother Guido. In addition, we have a twin school in Tokyo, Japan. We work together with the Polytechnic University of Milan, Istituto Marangoni and several other organizations in the jewelry industry. Over the years the number of courses offered has grown to 21, with students and teachers from all over the world. The school has become a landmark for everyone interested in learning about the goldsmith’s work to make it their profession as well as those seeking to practice jewelry making as a hobby.

What is the secret of our success? Teaching the most beautiful profession in the world certainly makes things easier, but it is our dedication to choosing our teachers carefully, based not only on their experience, but also on their enthusiasm and ability to share their knowledge with others that has allowed the School to continue to grow over the years. We offer a low student/teacher ratio guaranteeing an excellent teaching quality! We invest heavily in professional training for our teachers, safety and general comfort. Our work environment is very pleasant, large, well ventilated classrooms, clean and neat like a school should be. We enjoy coffee or tea together during breaks to get to know each other. Overall, we do our best to have a good time together. I am convinced that only when you feel good you can do your best!

Our schools are conveniently located close to Milan Central train station and other public transportation. Our school is well known in Milan’s jewelry business. We work together with a variety of wholesalers of precious metals and precious stones, suppliers of tools and precious metal products, professionals including stone setters, engravers, gemologists, stone cutters, and they in return offer their services to our students at very reasonable prices. In addition, those of our collaborators who have had the opportunity to employ our students have been very satisfied with their work and the expertise gained from us. Several of our students work or have worked with the most prestigious firms in the Italian jewelry business. This is the best recognition of our success that we could ever wish for.

The flexibility of our courses is another key strength of my organization: many of our courses have three sections each day and students can choose what days and hours they like to attend, you can make up missed lessons and decide the frequency of lessons according to your needs. You can enroll anytime throughout the year and start taking classes when you want. We also have our social events: student parties, field trips in Italy and abroad, dinners organized by students, unique opportunities for you to get to know people from different backgrounds, make new friends and collaborate.

The Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana: the place where you learn better and have more fun!

Luca Solari

Luca e Guido Solari

Luca e Guido Solari