17 Necklace Threading Course

Short, but adequate; a very useful course to learn stringing techniques, how to secure a clasp etc.
Part of the supplies are provided by the school, some needs to be purchased by the student (approximately € 20 for tools and € 10 for supplies) Max 6 students admitted/course

Period: all year round, except August and holidays
Attendance: to be agreed on with the teacher
Days/Time: to be agreed on with the teacher
Duration: 12 hours
Cost: € 270
Reservation: a deposit of € 200 is required to reserve a space, not refundable in case of cancellation
Attention: only available at the school in via Savona


Pearl necklace threading with knots; use of silk/cotton thread, French wire and different types of clasps, elastic cord bracelet, necklaces with steel wire and/or nylon, technique of "rosary threading”; rat tail knotting.

Necklace Threading Course