7 Laser welding

This course aims to teach the use of a laser welder, a high tech tool commonly used in mid/large shop settings. Laser welding has solved many soldering problems, for example soldering pieces with mounted stones and soldering of very delicate elements. This is an essential course for those aspiring to work in the jewelry manufacturing business or those who would like to specialize in jewelry repair. Maximum 3 students admitted/course. Access to use laser welder at the school after completion of course, €15/hour.

Period: all year round, except August and holidays
Days/Hours: to be agreed with the teacher
Duration: lessons 8 hours and 5 hours of practice time
Cost: € 380
Attention: only available at the School in Via Tadino


The course covers the use of a laser welder in all its different qualities and functions. During the course you will learn to use the microscope, its’ controls, and basic settings (%, ms, Hz, dia.), reactions of the different alloys. How to weld a simple jump ring, repair of a delicate chain, weld prongs to a bezel, weld a setting to a ring shank, repair techniques: fabrication of filler wire (0,20mm), cancel engravings, fill porosity, repair fine hollow chains, etc. The laser welder we use is a SISMA LM D 60.

Laser welding